How We Started

Our starting days were challenging but rewarding. We had to overcome many obstacles and learn from our mistakes. We also had to work hard to establish our reputation and credibility in the market. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and grateful for the support of our customers, partners, and employees.

How We Started PAGEFIST

It all started with a casual talk with college friends during the lockdown (covid-19) we were talking about the current situation in the country how the pandemic affected human beings and what we can do to help people to overcome this situation meanwhile suddenly an idea struck in one of our friend's mind and we decided to make a website where people can post their experience and problem-solving ways to get a better result.

Then, we made a team to develop the website. The most difficult part of this project was the Finding name for this project it took us 3 days to find a good name PAGEFIST and that's how PAGEFIST found it's every character has a specific meaning.  We utilized free time during the lockdown to increase productivity.

We decided to take it further and provide web services like Website Development, Website Design, Logo Design, Graphics, Mobile App Development, Redesigning existing websites, Digital marketing, SEO, and maintaining websites. However, there was a problem to execute this project as we were still locked inside our houses due to the pandemic it was not possible to have a meeting with the team members then we divided every task among its professionals to complete with perfection we took it very seriously and completed before the deadline.                                

That's how PAGEFIST work and finishes the project with perfection we provide high-quality services to our clients to help them grow their business.

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